February 4, 2011

Sometimes I impress myself :)

There is a baby shower this weekend for a Sister in our ward and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a gift. Not because I don't like the lady, but because, well, I'm cheap. So a browsed the clearance rack at Superstore and found a little pink onesie for $4 and the cutest sweater for $10. Then I took some fabric that my mom had sent me and an idea forming in my mind and started sewing. 1 hour later this is what we got:
Add the little sweater and it's a pretty cute, pretty cheap baby gift (I.M.O)

You know, if a particular friend(you know who you are) or my sister in law want to have a little girl, I'd gladly make some of these for you :)


  1. That is too cute Punky! You have a great imagination. Must come from your Dad because I still have mine!