April 16, 2010

Did you know you have to go away?

Driving Brooklyn to school yesterday I learned something new. We are waiting at the light and all the sudden She yells out "purple car!". Well, Brooklyn loves anything purple so I asked her if she was gonna have a purple car when she grew up. "Yep" she says, "like yours." (Mine's blue, but close I guess)
Then she tell's me that she's just gonna take my car.

"You want my van when you grow up?", I asked her.

"Yep, when I'm a mommy, but then you have to go away"

"Why do I have to go away?"

"Cause mommy's can't live by their kids when they're a Grandma!"

Oops, sorry Grandma Bly and Grandma Woolley. It sucks being so far from family, but at least we can blog about it :)

We Love Our Grandma's

April 15, 2010

Too Jon and Kate + 8 ???

So I'm jumping on the blogwagon again, (as I didn't really keep up with my first one and blogspot kicked me off). I figure all my friends are doing it now so why shouldn't I. Anyhow, I thought I came up with a great name for our blog (see above), but when I Jeff if he liked it he said "yeah but are you sure it isn't too Jon & Kate plus 8?" Anyone who is around us long enough knows that we don't often call our kids by name when we are rounding them up. It's just "1, 2, & 3" - way easier to holler than the tongue twister that is "Nathan, Katelyn, Brooklyn". So what do you think, is it too "Jon & Kate + 8"? Not that I'm gonna change it :)