May 21, 2010

You are not better than my child!!!

One of my biggest pet peeves is adults who treat children as though they are second class citizens. I often find examples of this when I take my kids to the store with me.
Why is it that an adult will bump into a child and give the kid a dirty look for being in their way while they are the ones who were not watching where they were going. Or worse yet, the ignorant people who will physically push a child aside if they are in their way - that TICKS ME OFF!
I teach my children to be polite, say "excuse me" and I'm sorry" when they bump into people, I teach my children to wait their turn in line, even to stay on the right hand side of the aisle and to step aside if there is some one coming past ... Why has no one taught adults to do this?

I took Brooklyn to Dollarama with me today to pick up a few things and she was pushing the cart (cause it's fun apparently). She got in line to check out and I was standing a few steps away from her looking at something on the end of the aisle. This lady cuts in front of Brooklyn - just squeezes up beside the front of the cart.
Brooklyn says to me "Mommy, that lady butted in front, she went in front of me." You could tell that the woman heard her by the look she gave us, but she stayed where she was.
Brooklyn then asks " Why did she go there, when I was here first mommy?"
I had no other explanation for her other than some people are just rude, so that's what I told her. Well, the lady heard me (oops - not) and she busts out with "Some people shouldn't be parents!"
At that point every one in line looks at me and it was all I could do not to reply "Yeah, like yours!", but Brooklyn was looking at me with those "what's mommy gonna do?" eyes so I kept my cool. (Jeff would have been so proud - then again Jeff would have politely ripped her a strip cause he has that skill :). After the lady left the store, the clerk looked at me and we shared that "Whoa - freaky lady" look and a laugh.

When we got into the van Brooklyn summed it all up pretty well with "Some people are nice and some people are mean, and that lady just liked to be mean". So after the requisite discussion about how we still be nice even if people are mean to us and how we should just ignore mean people we drove home - probably a little faster that I normally would.

I just don't understand why some people feel it is okay to treat kids like that, forget that it's unbelievably rude, but what is their example showing children?
So again I say to the rude people out there "YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN MY CHILD!!!"

*** Thanks for reading my rant, I feel much better now :) ***

May 10, 2010

Nathan has a feild trip to the zoo tomorrow, so I bought him some treats that I don't usually put in their lunches. No Frills had these on sale:

Brooklyn asked if she could have some for snack this afternoon and I said yes, assuming she would take a handful and that would be it (yeah right!).
Nathan came home from school, saw them and asked if he could could have some. I said "Sure" which was followed by a "what the...!!" from Nathan. He handed me the box and this is what we see:

If you can't tell what's wrong look at this:

The little stinker ate all the cheese off the crackers and put them back in the box!

So I figure next time I'll just buy her this:

and forego the crackers all together. The real question is - do I let the other 2 eat the rest of the naked crackers or is that too gross?