January 12, 2011

And now the baby girl (who isn't a baby anymore)

I know it's a week and a half late, but let's talk about Brooklyn! I lovingly refer to Brooklyn as my little oxymoron, and often as my bipolar child. When Brooklyn was a baby she was the most angelic, perfect child. Slept through the night at around 3 weeks, we actually had to move her from the bassinet to the crib because I was keeping her up at night when I woke up expecting her to want to nurse :). She was always smiling, pleasant and quiet. She would just sit on the steps in the playroom and watch her brother and sister play, never getting into things, and if she did cry, it was more of a complain than an all out wail.

But then something changed! I don't know if she was bitten by the mischief fairy or if she bumped her head one day and rattled something loose but my sweet angelic baby had turned into a 2 headed monster (the Brooklyn we know and love today). One minute a kind, loving child smothering you with juicy kisses, the next minute a holy terror hitting her brother with a baseball bat because he wouldn't play with her (and she couldn't understand why?). This child is very skilled at tormenting her siblings while maintaining a look of pure innocence. Often people come up to her, drawn in by those big brown eyes and her long mop of hair, only to back away cautiously as she stares them down with the evil eye. Heck, it was only about a year ago, she finally started to warm up to my best friend who's known her all her life!

My mother likes to call her precocious but somedays she is just a brat! But in spite of the temper tantrums and the attitude, the girl is pretty amazing. She's stinking smart (maybe a little too smart), has a wicked sense of humour (emphasis on wicked) and if she likes you, will smother you with so much love it's hard to remember the reason why she's on a time out (for the 5th time that day). Her best friend at school has a physical disability and her teacher says Brooklyn is the only child in the class that treats Abigail like a normal kid "it's like she doesn't even see it". And it's times like that when I'm reminded that this 5 YEAR OLD rocks!