August 3, 2010

This child kills me!

Nathan is my sweet, sensitive (oft times to sensitive) child, Katelyn is my outgoing, confident child and Brooklyn? Well,Brooklyn is the laugh of my life and the bane of my existence, all rolled into one. The following story should prove that to you:

Brooklyn is definitely a Mommy's girl and has a love-tolerate relationship with her dad consisting of "I love you today, I just don't like you" and "I'll let you have one hug at bedtime, but that's it". (A huge obstacle for him to overcome, seeing Katelyn thinks he's the best thing since breathing). Anyhow, lately she's been actually kind of loving towards him and has started with the whole "I love you this much" routine ... and depending on the mood she is in it could be just a finger pinch or arms stretched all the way behind her back till her hands touch.

So the kids wanted Jeff to make pancakes yesterday morning like he does on most weekends when he's home and so Brooklyn is begging him to make them and he asks her if she'll be nice to him if he does. She stretches out her arms as far as she can reach and with a whole lot of enthusiasm says " I'll love you all the way to Jesus!!!" Needless to say she got her pancakes and showed of the positive side of her personality.

However, fast forward an hour or so, to when Mommy has so cruelly told them to clean the playroom , and mom and dad are supervising, all we say is "Brooklyn, stop playing and pick up" "Brooklyn, pick up your toys" "Brooklyn, if you don't start helping you're gonna be in trouble" and over and over and over again. Finally, Jeff says, with a little foam ball in his hand, "Brooklyn if you don't start picking up, I'm gonna throw this ball at you" (don't worry, key word here is foam) so she picks up a toy cash register, holds it up over her head and says to him " Oh yeah, how much pain do you think this costs?" (WHAT?!?! Did she really just say that and where did she learn it?) Jeff takes a step towards her, she laughs drops the toy and runs to the other side of the room. "Brooklyn, I'm serious, PICK UP NOW!" Assuming a defensive crouch, with her sun glasses on and a pile of toys in front of her (like we can't see her) she then pipes up with "MAKE ME!"

After the subsequent spanking (yes we spank our children, bare handed and only when we think it's necessary) and talking to Brooklyn starts to pick up her toys and we think she's learned her lesson. Then she's standing there with a little plastic plate and a timid little voice "How much pain do you think this costs Daddy?"

ARGHHHHH!!!!! I used to worry about Katelyn and how she would be as a teenager, all prissy and boy crazy, but I think my best friend had it right on the money when figured Brooklyn would be the problem child. And then she put visions of goth and piercings in my head that I just can't shake. HELP!!! :)