October 5, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year ...

It's that time of year again; school starts, the leaves change, here in Ontario it rains and rains (I thought it was supposed to be April showers). October also marks the beginning of the most chaotic 3 months of my year.

Starting with Thanksgiving, we then go on to best friend birthday's, Halloween (which follows directly behind Christmas as my favorite holiday), Super Saturday at church, Katelyn's birthday, Nathan's birthday, dance recital, 'winter concert' at school, Ward party, my birthday (doesn't count this year), Christmas, New Year's, Brooklyn's birthday, and we end exhausted with Jeff's birthday on the 10th of January. Add all the shopping, baking, decorating and cleaning up for these things and I nearly lose my mind. (I know, who'da thunk I had a mind to start with).

However, one thing that does occur is that I plan, and plan, and plan some more. Which means I spend a lot of time on my computer, which means I get distracted and find myself looking at pictures of when these animals used to be little, cute and quiet. Which actually brings me to my purpose of this post. Seeing I have been indulging in a little nostalgia, I figured you could take a look to. Here's my kids from their beginning to now, hope you enjoy, and if you don't, lie to me 'cause my kids are the BEST. (Especially when they are sleeping)



And my baby Brooklyn (who I am determined to call baby, in hopes that it stunts her growth):


  1. Where did the time go? I remember when you were cute and cuddly. I guess you're still cute.
    I didn't see Brookies cake last year. Pretty cool.

  2. i love little mermaid! totally my favourite. and totally wore a little mermaid costume (complete with seashells) when i was 6-8, with a full snowsuit underneath.
    oh alberta.
    your kids are cute. don't let them grow up. i keep trying to tell my neices and nephews to stop, and they keep disobeying...