July 15, 2010

Clean, or Craft???

I really should have been cleaning the house seeing I have been baking for the last 3 days getting everything prepped for a baby shower cake I'm making tomorrow, but alas, I decided I needed to craft :). You can blame it on a friend (who will remain nameless ... she knows who she is) who keeps sending me craft links of some super cute stuff. Anyhow, I decided to make a gift for the shower, so after a few blogs and a couple changes I came up with this:
It's a changing pad and wipes case, put a couple diapers into the pad before you fold it up and then instead of having to haul your diaper bag out to the mother's lounge(smacking your husband or the person in front of you with it as you go) you just grab this 'kit' It was so easy to make and rather inexpensive I might add. Here's a few more views:

And for my mom, here are a couple views of the table runner I made:

The problem with me and craft blogs is I want to make everything I see, but if I did, then I'd end up on an episode of horders :(. I've already got a list of stuff to make for Christmas!!!


  1. Love the crafts! I am in this huge crafty mood right now too. I am glad you posted tons of blog links on the side... more ideas!!! I have posted a bunch of blog links on my side, but mine are more home decor blogs not sewing but still FUN.

  2. hmmm...Who could that be? Very cute I like frogs. Oh and I am glad you posted another blog. Where have you been?